Door Access Control System Wiring Diagram Specification and Attention

Door Access Control System Wiring Diagram is always important for your access control project, you must pay a lot of attention to it and make sure all wiring is connecting in the right way.

Also, the access control system wiring diagram includes a lot of wiring systems, like magnetic door lock wiring diagram, push to exit button wiring diagram, electric door strike wiring diagram and magnetic door lock wiring diagram and etc.

1, The wiring cables from the access control card reader to the access controller

We suggest using 8 cores stranded shielded twisted-pairs cable to connect reader and controller, (of which 3 cores were used as a backup. If it is unnecessary to feedback legal-card by voice and light of reader, we can disconnect LED cable). It is better to twist Data1 and Data0, and the sectional area should be above 0.22mm², the length should not exceed 100m. Shielded cable connect the GND of Controller. It is a good way to improve the performance of Reader by overstriking or compounding the cables. (Of course, other Cat5e Stranded SFTP cables can also be used).

2, The wiring diagram from a push exit button to access controller

we suggest to use 2 cores cable, the diameter is above 0.3mm²

3, The wiring cable from the electric door lock to access controller

We suggest to use 2 cores electronic cable, sectional area is above 1.0 mm². It is better to use less than 100 meters, and if the distance exceeds 50meters, we should use thicker cable or use multi-cable in parallel.

The cable from Door Contact to Controller, we suggest using 2 cores cable, diameter above 0.22mm². If you do not need to know more functions, such as knowing the door status online or alarming if the door was not closed for a long time and break-ins, then door contact cable can be uninstalled.

Communication cable :(from the controller to controller, controller to computer)

485 Communication Systems:

Cable from the controller to controller and controller to a transmitter, we suggest to use 8cores Shielded twisted pairs cable, the wire diameter is 0.22mm² or more 485+ and 485- must be mutually twisted, the rest 6 cores were backup, and shielded cable can be unconnected. If the communication runs smoothly, we can use shielded cable to connect the GND of a controller or install 120Ω terminal resistance to improve the communication performance between 485+ and 485- in the last controller of 485 total lines. Theoretically speaking, the length of 485 lines can reach 1200m, we suggest to use less than 800m according to the numbers of controllers or complexity of communication environment. If the length is over 800m, please use 485HUB or repeater to improve the communication environment. The connection between controller to the controller must be hand in hand type total line structure, resolutely eradicate branch or star connection.

TCP/IP Communication System

Same as internet structural cabling, we use a normal cable to connect a controller to HUB, distance is less than 100 meters. The longer the distance, the higher the quality of the line. We suggest using brand cables.

Other tips:

  • All cables should be on the pipe in order to avoid any troubles caused by mouse, PVC or galvanized pipe are both OK.
  • Although the controller designed with good anti-static, lightning protection and leakage prevention, please ensure that the controller cabinet and AC earth wire are connected perfectly, and the AC earth wire is grounded.
  • Please do not often pull out the connector, please do corresponding welding work before you ensure to plug the connector.
  • Please do not remove or replace the chip of the controller, an unprofessional operation will damage it.
  • It is not recommended that you connect with other additional equipment without authorization. All unconventional operations, please be sure to communicate with our engineers.
  • Please do not connect the controller and other large current equipment to the same power supply socket.
  • The installation height of the card reader button is 1.45m away from the ground, which can be properly adjusted according to the customer’s using habits.
  • The controller is recommended to be installed in a weak electric well, which is easy to maintain.
  • Please pay attention to standard connection, do not expose the metal part too much, so as to avoid the short circuit and the communication fault.

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