Why Do You Need Door Access Control Systems?

Door Access Control Systems are important to make sure that only authorized individuals to get access to facilities. There are various options that let you authenticate each entry to your organization. At workplaces, Door access authentication systems may include everything – whether it comes to entering particular numbers over a keypad that is put at the prime entrance for biometric authentication. Each type can offer a varied level of security, have a varied cost and a different type of working mechanism. There are plenty of access control systems benefits.

1, How Do Access Control Systems Work?

These are logically controlled, and you can program them to allow safes, roller doors, gates and doors be easily accessed under particular guidelines. These specific rules and guidelines often comprise of who may, at what time and in which areas.


It may be as basic as a key switch or can be more secure such as including the use of pin code and a code pad. Also, there can be improved security such as a special encrypted card reader that is frequently referred to as a proximity reader. In some cases, a biometric reader scans the finger or eye. Optimal security can include a blend of inputs such as a key switch, eye scan, pin code or proximity card.


After the triggering of input, the information is passed to the controller. The controller decides whether you have the privileges to access. The output is triggered in case of access rights. An output device can be the opening of a gate, an electronic lock, etc.


This is the brain and heart that operates the outputs and inputs. Controllers, most commonly, are available in 4-door, 2-door or single-door models. You can often just combine several controllers in order to control more doors.  The controllers are used commonly on gates and in banks, offices, factories, warehouses, buildings, and airports.

Access Privileges

These let you decide how much security is required for your door. The success of these kinds of systems is decided by the access privileges that users can get. The simplest way of setup access is to allow each person to pass anywhere at any time, although a very convenient system is not a secure system. You have to determine whether you need security or convenience, or a mix of both.

2, How Can Access Control Systems Help You?

These can offer the highest control over the individual having access to business facilities. An access control system provides your workers with an optimal amount of protection. Lots of business owners get overwhelmed by such systems, especially owners of small businesses who might have just a single entry access point. These types of systems are fully scalable and may be workable solutions for businesses of any size.

Some of the main benefits of access control systems are:

Restricted Access

These systems make sure that just authorized people are let into business premises, thus managing to keep out undesirable people and strangers. These systems tend to vary, and it rests on you about the kind of system that is ideal for your business. It can be iris recognition, code access or swipe card access.

The systems that are installed most often use fobs, proximity cards, and staff ID. This signifies that access may be granted only when an authorized fob or card is held to a reader and then approved. It is worthwhile to note that once doors are closed, they lock immediately – further boosting security.

Internal doors may be even access controlled, which ensures that staffs are permitted only inside their own authorized zones. It is often carried out for the preservation of secret data and making sure that there is no leaking of information to other staffs.

Car Park Barriers

Before unauthorized people are allowed entry into business premises, they usually have to move through a car park. In case it is access controlled, the unauthorized will be prevented from driving into a car park with a vehicle – which can discourage access of such people to the building.

With open staff car parks, there is the problem that these spaces are often taken up by non-staffs given that obtaining a parking space may be a huge issue at times in case you do not have any designated space for your needs.

What are the Problems of Access Control Systems?

There are various disadvantages of access control systems.

For instance, keypads need you to use a particular pin. For higher security, you may designate an isolated pin to every specific user who is connected to a central system of control.

With Card credentials, you can enjoy higher security than most other systems. But there can be an issue if the credential gets lost or stolen.

At times, Fingerprint authentication systems can fail to detect a registered fingerprint in case your fingerprint gets worn-out or your fingers are soiled.

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