Why Door Access Control System is Important for Business Building?

The need for a building door access control system is to ensure that the people inside are safe, and no wrong person is given access inside. Various kinds of business establishments – whether it comes to banks, hotels, offices or financial institutions – are increasingly using these types of systems.

1, Advantages of Door Access Control Systems

These types of security systems come with plenty of advantages for users:

High Security

These systems come with fantastic security features, such as card management options, 24/7 monitoring, and video surveillance among others. A high-tech system is also capable of restricting access to specific areas for particular individuals. It can have biometric scanner options, such as iris scanners and fingerprint scanners. The most powerful systems depend on a service that monitors users over the web. It makes things more convenient for businesses, as there is no need to have a control center in the office. A regular online setup can be enough to replace the same.


An ideal access control system has plenty of features that can match the exact building it is being used for. Some systems are only designed to control just a specific number of access points or users. Any system that is set up has to deal with the organization’s actual size.


A lot of advanced systems are able to issue reports about employees’ activity or movement. Thus it can be easy to find out when a worker or staff try to gain entry to an unauthorized area.

Outside support

With a trustworthy service, users can get external support if there are problems or concerns arising. A number of access control system providers offer fast support via email, telephone or live chat. There are also video tutorials, educational documents, FAQ sections, and other resources offered.

2, Types of Door Access Control Systems

Door access control systems come with different kinds of locking mechanisms, and you can get high-security levels. Find out about the various kinds of door access control systems.

Card readers

These read data that is contained within integrated circuits. Such kinds of intelligent cards are used in various applications, including access control, SIM cards, ATM cards, and credit cards. The information in a smart card, as compared to that of magnetic stripe cards, cannot be deleted, changed or read easily. It is difficult to get access to the integrated circuit unless it is disassembled physically. Even in that case, not all the data can be easily procured, given the fact that disassembling it physically can damage the chip in some way.

Biometric locks

These types of locks are used often by government facilities or major companies for restricting access. Biometric locks, as compared to other locking systems, read the traits of an individual to be able to operate. Retina scanners and Fingerprint scanners are two examples. These are effective but costly and are used typically in high-profile companies or government facilities that deal with sensitive information.

Although these are very effectual in function, there are privacy issues and many people feel that the efforts involved with using biometrics is not worth the effort. On the other hand, there are people who feel that these locks offer the only close to operating 100% foolproof solution for enhancing security. Irrespective of how these are looked at, one cannot deny the fact that these are extremely effectual today in making establishments safer from the rising rate of crime and criminals.

Keyless locks

These can offer a higher level of security due to the reason that these function with programmable code. It only lets in people who have the codes to unlock and lock doors. There is no need for replicating keys and no lock that burglars can break.

However, these locks depend on electricity and can be rendered useless by a power failure. During these times, alternative exit methods or means should be in place. It is also important to arrange for backup power, in order to disallow locking in or out of users.

Electronic gates

Automated or electronic locks might not be used as widely as keyless locks. However, these manage to be extremely popular in niche markets. These are frequently a regular fixture in big mansions and estates and are designed to be opened and closed electronically without the need to be operated manually.

As can easily be understood, there are various options for business owners to enhance security. One or more systems can be used in combination in cases where businesses need foolproof security solutions. Other than these, usage of alarm systems, motion sensors, guard dogs and security personnel might be needed. Regardless of how a business establishment owner wants to go about the process, he/she should only buy apartment building access control systems from reputed and licensed security system dealers using the most updated technology.

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